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20years for Avantime at Montlhéry

Thanks to the precious help of the UTAC-CERAM teams, and the wish to get together, we welcomed nearly 90 Avantime on our stand, members or not. And for the first time, all the colors produced were represented.

The Amicale would like to thank Lorin Harel, director of this video, and the entire production team of the Audiovisual BTS section at Suger High School.

A magazine dedicated to the Renault Avantime, a rare vehicle by the number (8557 copies produced only) and especially by its unique concept. The vehicle marketed from 2001 to 2003 is very similar to the prototype presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999, and also makes it an exception in automotive production.
This avant-garde vehicle (technically and aesthetically) has now become a collector's item.

Report realized in collaboration with the students and teachers of the SUGER high school (Saint Denis, France).

DIRECTOR: Lorin HAREL. Duration: 14min.21sec. JUNE 2014

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

10 years of Avantime: Montlhéry September 3rd 2011

Renault TV : Les icônes Renault: L'Avantime

"Essais guide d'achat - Actualité Enquêtes" de Caradisiac

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