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A timeless passion since 2005

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So Patrice, tell us…

When Mr Patrice VERGES form teh video blog P.O.A. meets Patrice from Amicale Avantime, it is a question of passion and memories on the side of Arcachon

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La Renault Avantime de mon père

Published by ETAI, it is written by André DEWAEL, author of numerous books on Matra cars, and recently on the 3 generations of Renault Espace produced in Romorantin.

Amicale Avantime and many Avantime owners have provided assistance (testimonies, data, anecdotes) in the documentation of this book.

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Avantime at Rétromobile 2018

It is on the "French Touch" stand dedicated to the beautiful French bodywork, prepared by the magazine "Youngtimers" that an Aavntime of java green colour was exhibited.

Our club was involved, of course!

The preparation and installation was reported in the program "Direct Auto" on C8.

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Avantime at P.O.A. !

When P.O.A.'s blog (Petites Observations Automobiles) held by Renaud Roubaudi, organizes a rally on Sunday, November 4, at Place Vauban in Paris and Antoine decides to go there, it gives this snapshot, recorded without preparation or repetition!

Book: Design Between the Lines by Patrick Le Quément

Patrick le Quément is one of the visionary designers at the forefront of this revolution.
Known for his 22 years as head of Renault Design, with prestigious models such as Twingo, Scénic and Avantime, Le Quément has had a 50-year career, also at Simca, Ford and Volkswagen- Audi. Some 60 million cars around the world now carry the undeniable stamp of Quément. In Design: Between the Lines, Le Quément describes his journey through five decades of reflection, action, failure and success. It offers fascinating insights into the design and creative process, as well as some of the extraordinary automotive brands that make up our common cultural heritage. Presented as a series of 50 short essays or "perspectives", Le Quément's astute observations of the street, the design studio and its headquarters in the conference room give the reader a penetrating and often amusing insight into the high-level work of a global society. the industry, its triumphs and tragedies, and the weaknesses of the decision-makers responsible for its management.
An animated complementary text by automotive journalist Stéphane Geffray accompanies each of Le Quément's points of view, and illustrations are provided by automotive designer Gernot Bracht.

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