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Aubrac Laguiole
May 20 & 21, 2017

Didier and Danielle proposed us a week end on the flowered plateaus of Lozère, a pleasant meeting with the traditions and the soil.

The stay begins with the traditional picnic on the famous place of Laguiole, some choose rather a restaurant to already taste the local gastronomy.

We visit successively the Cooperative « Jeune Montagne", with tasting of cheese Laguiole and explanations on the preparation of the aligot then workshops forges de Laguiole (discovery of the manufacture of the real knife).
Follow a walk on the highlands with a stop at Aubrac, step of the way to St Jacques de Compostela.
We dine and spend the night in the small village of Fau-de-Peyre.

Sunday, after a night of rest we are welcomed by a scarecrow trainer! Guaranteed chills!
The stay ends with a meal in the "buron du thé" with the famous aligot prepared before our eyes by the master of the place.
Finally, some extend the wek-end by visiting a bison farm.

Photo credits: Franck A. François L. Christian R.

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