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Pierres et Volcans d’Auvergne 
April 17 & 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17

Appointment is given at the stone house in Volvic. Several crews arrived having made a large part of the route together punctuated by several meeting points.
After welcoming all the participants, we have to split into two very large groups. The visit of the stone house is counted and most of the visit takes place in the dark or in the semi-darkness with an underground temperature. Meanwhile, the other group went to the Lemptégy volcano.
The visit of the volcano of Lemptégy will be more whimsical, because there is not enough space in the small trains. We still manage to do all the work around this volcano, which has the particularity of having two chimneys. The site, which is no longer in use, has been developed for a full visit (explanation of the formation of the volcano and its consequences).
Time is running out, in fact, the general meeting takes place at the hotel just before dinner. On this occasion, in addition to the traditional assessments of the past year (budget, outings, members), it is time to present the first copy of the sports kit, the result of a project lasting more than eighteen months. A copy is presented to the meeting in 4 parts. A complete set is also mounted on Christian's Avantime.
Saturday evening will be marked by the association's fifth anniversary during dessert. There are many surprises with Vincent's screening of the film retracing the association's five years and the cakes with the chocolate Avantime. A great moment full of emotion for most of us.

Sunday, April 18

We went to visit the Michelin Adventure in Clermont Ferrand. The morning could seem just so much there are things to see and documents to read. After admiring a Micheline and a Bréguet plane in the reception hall, we walk through the museum according to well-defined themes.
Lunch takes place at the Domaine des Volcans. Time to park on the campground (no easy task of setting up more than 60 Avantime!), it's time to organize a photo of all the colors present just before dinner. The operation will take quite some time, you have to select the Avantime and locate their "drivers" to group them together....
We always find ourselves at the table in a good mood. Some will even go from their dancing steps when the accordion appears on the restaurant's hi-fi system to stir the tables of another group whose average age is close to three digits!
Most of the participants will not be long in coming, several hundred kilometres await them. Others will extend the stay on site to see Vulcania among others.

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