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Feria des Vendanges
​September 20 & 21, 2008

From an idea of Jean Marc, the meeting organized in Nîmes is the first in the south since the general assembly held in Moissac in 2006.

Saturday, September 20

After finding ourselves under the sun at 14:00, we take the road to Uzès via Campagnac and its superb Saint-Nicolas bridge. The Haribo Museum gives us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in childhood. Who has never chewed a teddy bear, a crocodile ? The museum created following the closure of the Haribo factory is on several floors, the visit begins with a description of the origin of the ingredients, coming from all over the world and continues with a video on the manufacturing methods. On the upper floor, posters are presented as well as the evolution of products and packaging as well as derived products since the company's creation. Interactive terminals allow you to awaken the senses of young and old (touch, smell).
The visit ends with the ground floor. The main attraction is the "car-in-a-bag" packaging machine.

Around 4:30 pm, we head towards the Pont du Gard. Although this weekend is the occasion for Heritage Days, the bridge is almost totally for us. We take a group photo in front of the bridge to capture the event. Then everyone freely visits the site. Some will have the privilege of crossing the bridge from the upper level, where the water that supplied Nîmes in Roman times flowed. Others will climb the heights to have a nice view for the pictures.

It is almost dark when everyone joins the reception tent where we are going to have dinner. It is an opportunity for good laughs and good shared moments. Dinner is very lively.

Sunday, September 21

The animation begins with the sorting of the bulls. Horse riders separate calves from bulls by running them. Then, after an explanation on the history of the manade by the owner of the place, we witness the marking with a red iron of the bulls. The bull is selected, chased and caught in order to be marked. It is then laid down on the ground by 3 or 4 handlers and immobilized for the time of marking.

The morning ends when the well-framed bulls come to us (50 people against 100 bulls). Then some pictures are taken with the horses in front of the Avantime.

The time for lunch has finally come. The dishes offered are unanimously accepted and report a great success.

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