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Mai 31 & June 1, 2008

Saturday, May 31

It starts under a blazing sun. 12:30, Saturday, May 31: Quai Dupetit-Thouars, in Les Ponts-de-Cé, on the banks of the Royal River: the Loire.

The region rewards them with a radiant and intense sun. After the reunion of the 19 crews present, we head for the Slate Museum to discover the region's blue gold: the slate of Trélazé. A visit to the museum (video and permanent exhibition on the history of the rock up to the exploitation of slate nowadays), then comes the highlight of this visit. We are witnessing a demonstration of the traditional size of slate. The slitter performs before our eyes the gestures of the elders and works with shale in different forms while commenting on this ancestral technique.

Then, we head towards the Carré Cointreau, sanctuary of the famous liqueur of the same name. A video retraces the unusual history of the Cointreau family and we are already sitting in the bar for a tasting. Discovery for some, rediscovery for others, everyone appreciates this particular moment. The atmosphere is warm, as always. It's time to visit the stills, the production line, the bottling line. We discover a fantastic cultural heritage and the communication genius of the Cointreau family. At 7:30 pm, we leave for the restaurant Ô'bolides. We sit at the table between a Ferrari Dino and a Viper, the setting is really nice for car enthusiasts, with its restoration workshop next to the restaurant.

Sunday June 1st

In the rain, the visit of Angers’ castle promises to be caustic... We arrive around 9:30 am at the foot of the castle, accompanied by a passionate guide. The visit is captivating and very professional: our organisers have prepared a cultural questionnaire with a gift...
Discover the main rooms of the castle, its architecture and history... The tapestries of the Apocalypse are impressive, as is the view from the top of the mill tower.

We then take the road and a convoy is formed under the driving rain. On arrival, we discover a splendid lake nestled between the Sarthe and Mayenne rivers, the setting is magnificent. Once dry in the room, the warm atmosphere settles in again. Celine and Fred are still offering us local surprises: small gifts and their family and friends who have prepared the meal! The finely cooked local products follow one another on the plate. Fred stated the answers to the questionnaire and presented the gift: a bag signed Amicale-Avantime, containing a book on the region and 2 bottles of the vine. Jean-Pierre won this gift with only one wrong answer and an estimate of 10 cm from the height of the moat of the castle! Hats off!
It's time to leave for the first crews, but around 4:00 pm we take advantage of a lightning break to take a last group photo. Everyone goes back on the road, the exit ends. Until the next one!

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