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Découverte du Luxembourg
May 26 & 27, 2007

Saturday, May 26

Organized by Dominique and Armelle, this event gave the opportunity to visit a part of Luxembourg, to 17 crews including that of our friend Mike, coming from England for this occasion.
Despite the weather, which looked grim for this weekend, Dominique and Armelle had planned a barbecue at home on Saturday afternoon. (Almost 40 people).
It's a zenith sun that greeted us at Entrange, where the French, who are said to be bad in foreign languages, did not ask to speak in English with Mike and his family.
After a light aperitif and a delicious barbecue, departure to Luxembourg, where we have an appointment in Dudenange, first in a service station where pumps were reserved by Dominique, then to the hotel.
Once the rooms were distributed, we left for a visit of the verdant little Luxembourgish Switzerland.
This gave us the opportunity to make a pedestrian walk through woods that, while enjoying the nature and the sun, allowed us to chat with each other.
Our 17 Avantime, crisscrossing the sunny country roads, made many heads turn around.

Sunday, May 27

Sunday was reserved for the visit of the city of Luxembourg, but the weather, without being really bad, was not there.
Visit by car, first the outskirts, to see the buildings of the European Union, then in the small streets of the city center, quite deserted at that time.
Congratulations to Dominique who lost no one, despite the red lights, stops, priorities, etc.
After having parked our ships, in the carpark of the residence where lunch was to be served, walk in the city center, with the umbrellas at the start then without a few clearings in sight.
Excellent meal again, then came the time for everyone to go back to his region.
Thank you very much to Dominique and Armelle for this magnificent organization, with the route's arrows in certain places, complete road book, etc.

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