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Marché de Noël
​December 16 & 17, 2006

Saturday, December 16th

Appointment is given at 13:30 at the Campanile Hotel in Colmar. Each crew arrives gradually, some even without taking the time to have lunch. From 14:00, all the participants having arrived, we head towards Eguisheim, one of the most beautiful villages of Alsace. At first, we go in a cellar to taste several local grape varieties and buy some boxes for those who wish. All Avantime parked in the street have had their effect on passersby. Then we walk to the village center of Eguisheim to admire the multicolored half-timbered houses, cobbled alleyways and its Christmas market. Everything takes place in a festive and good-natured atmosphere.
The second part of the afternoon allows everyone to go (by bus or Avantime) to Colmar to visit the Christmas market at night. Groups are formed naturally, on the understanding that we could not remain grouped because of the very important attendance.
Return around 8:00 pm at the hotel for dinner. On the menu regional specialties such as sauerkraut.

Sunday, December 17th

Departure to Mulhouse to be at 10:00 to the National Museum of the Automobile (collection SCHLUMPF). It's grandiose ... There is an exhibition part with artist's drawings. The permanent exhibition can be visited with an audio guide that provides additional information on the cars on display.
Interactive models allow to understand the functioning of a motor without valves for example. To close this exhibition, different elements of a Bugatti Atalante inform us about the creation and manufacture of this exceptional car. Back to Colmar for lunch at the hotel. Some "Avantimers" join us to get to know each other! We separate at the end of the meal because most of us come from far away.

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